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Carcinogens on Baby Products! Check this out.

Carcinogens in baby products is a major concern for all parents and  The balancing of the risks and the benefits of fire ...
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“The Food Babe Way” book review update

As mentioned in a previous post time is extremly tight in a mothers life.  Moms are so exhausted from running around all day and a mothers work ...
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GMO Free Candy Lovers

Most parents feel guilty not giving there children candy at parties or other occasions.  You also probably have relatives or friends that make ...
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Too Much Salt and Sugar Added to Toddler Food

The assumption most people have is that food designed for babies and toddlers has a high nutritional standard.   U.S. CDC and Prevention analyzed ...
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Genetically modified mosquitoes?

I have a few family members that live in South America that have contracted Chikungunya from a mosquito bite. I must admit that thinking of going ...
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What can I do to avoid GMOs in the grocery store?

According to the Non-GMO Project, the following are considered High-Risk Crops (in commercial production; ingredients derived from these must be ...
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The coming food disaster

This article is a must read.  David Schubert is professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  The Salk Institute is considered one ...
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Baby says no to GMO’s

Don't even think about feeding me GMO's Our children rely on us to make informed decisions on what to feed them.  Learn about GMO's and make an ...
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