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Teenager meets Health Canada to talk labelling

Rachel Parent only 15 years old visited Ottawa to speak with Health Canada officials regarding GMO's.  Rachel started her own foundation, Kids ...
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Grocery Giant Loblaw says “no plans to stock this product” – Update on GMO Arctic Apples

Our audience of and on Facebook at has shown concern for the recent approval of the GMO Arctic apple in the United States.  We ...
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“The Food Babe Way” book review update

As mentioned in a previous post time is extremly tight in a mothers life.  Moms are so exhausted from running around all day and a mothers work ...
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Approval Granted for Genetically Modified Apples in the United States

GMO Apples are now approved for commercial planting in the USA.  The company that developed the Apples is named Okanagan Specialty Fruits.  The ...
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Whole Foods Market commits to full GMO transparency – Whole Foods Market Newsroom

It is very exciting and encouraging to see a large company like Whole Foods Market to be so committed to letting its customer's know if the ...
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Are GMO’s in your cereal?

I remember growing up watching commercials of Froot Loops that played over and over again.  Kids at school would talk about it and I remember ...
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Genetically modified mosquitoes?

I have a few family members that live in South America that have contracted Chikungunya from a mosquito bite. I must admit that thinking of going ...
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GMO Free Labels – What are the rules?

Read this interesting article in the New York Times.  Voluntary labelling has led to a lot of confusion because there are no uniform standards for ...
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Where GMOs hide in your food – Consumer Reports

In more than 60 countries manufacturers are required to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. But GMO labeling is not a req...
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What does Dr. Oz think of GMO’s?

People are becoming increasingly alarmed at the amount of herbicide used to grow GMO foods.  In the video it shows a letter signed by scientists, ...
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