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How do you avoid GMOs?

Want to keep GMOs out of your diet?  Follow these tips: #1 tip - Buy organic. Certified 100% organic foods don't contain GMOs. #2 tip - ...
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Could GMO foods be dangerous for your child?

Many will assure you that GMO plants or animals are approved safe for consumption and that there is no impact to the environment. But many beg to ...
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GMO Chickens Glows in the Dark – Stop GMO Chickens

Glow in the dark chicken legs anyone?  Pretty sure there are no takers.  A recent article on discusses a UK experiment to create GMO ...
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NON GMO Food For My Kids. Stop Messing With Our Food!

Since my husband and I have decided to do our best to keep our children and family away from genetically modified foods, I must say it has not been ...
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