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Is BPA Free Plastic Really Safe?

Ever since BPA or Bisphenol A has been linked to being a endocrine disruptor, my family has stopped buying and using plastic for everyday use. ...
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Non GMO Probiotics For Kids Which One is Best?

Many Parents on our GMOFreeBabies community have asked us to find out what Probiotics for babies and children on the market are GMO Free. ...
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Grocery Giant Loblaw says “no plans to stock this product” – Update on GMO Arctic Apples

Our audience of and on Facebook at has shown concern for the recent approval of the GMO Arctic apple in the United States.  We ...
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Know what you are buying at the grocery store with this free app!

Sure it may be easy for some to go through a grocery store, read a labels and know what you are buying is Non-GMO.  But for most this is not easy, ...
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