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Teenager meets Health Canada to talk labelling

Rachel Parent only 15 years old visited Ottawa to speak with Health Canada officials regarding GMO's.  Rachel started her own foundation, Kids ...
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Non GMO Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Going to a grocery store with kids is not always easy. And especially hard is walking close to the bakery section where there is lots of sweets ...
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Genetically modified mosquitoes?

I have a few family members that live in South America that have contracted Chikungunya from a mosquito bite. I must admit that thinking of going ...
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GMO Free Labels – What are the rules?

Read this interesting article in the New York Times.  Voluntary labelling has led to a lot of confusion because there are no uniform standards for ...
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Where GMOs hide in your food – Consumer Reports

In more than 60 countries manufacturers are required to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. But GMO labeling is not a req...
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What can I do to avoid GMOs in the grocery store?

According to the Non-GMO Project, the following are considered High-Risk Crops (in commercial production; ingredients derived from these must be ...
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The coming food disaster

This article is a must read.  David Schubert is professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  The Salk Institute is considered one ...
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