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DCA Investigates Formula Company for possible Consumer Fraud

When you don't have the option to breastfeed the search for the best formula starts.  Every parent wants the best for their baby.  Parents ...
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With brands like Similac now announcing they will be offering a NON GMO formula option we wanted to put a spot light on Earth's Best.  Earth's ...
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CFIA Warning Parents to Check Infant Formula for Tampering or Substitution

The CFIA is advising people using baby formula to check the packaging for signs of tampering or product substitution.  The agency says it has ...
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Chinese Worried About Baby or 婴儿 Formula Safety

Chinese parents have become increasing concerned about the safety of locally produced powdered milk since the tainted milk scare.  Many in China ...
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Where GMOs hide in your food – Consumer Reports

In more than 60 countries manufacturers are required to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. But GMO labeling is not a req...
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Baby says no to GMO’s

Don't even think about feeding me GMO's Our children rely on us to make informed decisions on what to feed them.  Learn about GMO's and make an ...
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