My name is Elena and here is my story.  I never really cared much about health or my intake food.  Sure I watched what I ate when trying to lose weight, by doing a fad diet.  But I was ignorant to the fact that what you eat is directly connected to how you feel inside and out.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter that this truth came out via my skin.  All of a sudden my whole body and face became inflamed with eczema, red and painful.  I would stay up late every night from the itchiness and pain that it caused me.

Not only was I in constant pain, I kept getting asked what was wrong with my skin!  Sometimes I wish I could just disappear, I was in such anguish.  I never thought this torture would end, but I hoped and prayed that I would find relief soon.  I started reading, seeing doctors, using homeopathy going to a naturopaths, anything that could help.  Doctors told me that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life and just use cortisone.  Of course there was no way I was going to use cortisone while I was pregnant even if they told me it was “safe”.  And after I gave birth I didn’t want to use it either because of the side effects I read about.

When I started seeing a naturopath things started changing.  The first thing she did was put me on a diet plan that cut out all sugars, carbs, junk food, dairy and chemicals for a month.  After a few months my eczema was completely gone!  Even now 3 years later the only place I get flare ups is on my hands from washing dishes and using soaps.  This experience in my life completely changed my outlook on food.  How could a condition they told me would never be cured go away with such a simple thing as a change in food?  Looking back at my teenage years there was also another condition that was reversed with a dietary change.

For a good year when I was about 17, I suffered from horrible heartburn, so bad that at night it felt as though my chest was on fire!  I even went to the doctor and got x-rays for the problem.  I was told that again I had a condition that could not be cured since the valve that blocks my stomach acids (splinter) was not closing properly and letting the contents enter the esophagus.  I was told that I needed to take medication for this and that it wouldn’t go away.  I took the pills for about a month but stopped as they were very expensive and hey I was a teenager, I had no money!  Finally I realized by changing a few things I was doing I could avoid the heartburn completely.  I ate less bread, never drank orange juice again and avoided grounded meat sauce with pasta.  But back then those changes stopped the heartburn but didn’t make me a healthier person.  But with the eczema episode it was different, I had to do a whole life change.

Sure I can still indulge and eat some of the forbidden foods when I go to family members houses every once in a while.  But if I start eating bad at home after a week I will notice my face starting to get itchy and red.  Then I remember, STOP…Its so not worth it!  I remember the horrible pain I had during the time with my eczema and thinking that I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone ever.  And then I thought of how much worse it would be if my baby had something like this.  And that’s when I said enough is enough!  My children will grow up eating whole healthy foods as much as possible!  Yes my family thinks I’m crazy for not letting my kids eat junk food and that’s ok.  I think if they understood how much pain I actually endured both physically and mentally, they would understand why I never want my babies to go through that!  When I had my daughter I had major problems with breastfeeding.

Even with extra pumping I just couldn’t get enough milk; because of the painful and raw eczema I had everywhere.  I cried everyday from the pain and breastfed her anyways, but needed to supplement with formula as well. So as my daughter started eating I tried to make all her food, kept her away from all refined sugars until 2, bought her the most expensive formula I could find thinking it was the best.  Boy was I wrong!  We spent so much money buying the “best” formula that was supposed to be the closest to nature.  I even kept giving it to her until she was about a year and a half so she would have all this “nutrition”!  Then I started reading about genetically modified organisms.  I read how certain food have been genetically engineered with DNA from viruses, bacteria or other plants or animals.  Then I found out that corn, canola, alfalfa, cotton, papaya, soy, sugar beets, zucchini and yellow summer squash are all genetically modified.

Well just don’t eat those you might say right?  The problem is almost everything in our grocery stores have one or more of these ingredients.  But wait, they can’t be in our baby food, right?  How could any company use ingredient that haven’t been given enough time to show if in the long run they will cause health problems.  How could we feed this to the most vulnerable and delicate beings?  Give a food that has had it’s DNA changed to produce its own pesticide, to a baby that is developing and growing?  Well yes that is what I fed my daughter…as well as millions of North American’s that have unknowingly fed this to their children.  The main formula companies that exist all contain GMO’s and this is what all our babies are growing up with.  I was completely disgusted and saddened that 1st any one would allow this to be given to babies and 2 that I didn’t know about it sooner.  I just assumed that anything made for a baby or child was safe!


Yes and I understand there are all those out there that are saying GMO’s do not cause any health problems and are safe.  Well really I don’t care, these are my children and I will protect them like the mother bear I am!  Just the point that GMO’s MAY cause health problems for my children in the future is enough for me to say NO THANK YOU!  Why should I ignorantly wait around and see if when they are my age they will develop tumors or be infertile?  It’s really not that hard of a choice to make for me, I choose my children’s health!

That is why I started a page on on May 27 2013 before the birth on my son.  I started wanting to find out what formulas were free of gmos and started doing my own research.  I started emailing and calling companies and started seeing how many had gmos.  I figured others would want to know about it so I might as well share my information on using Bluehost to set up my website.  I guess I’m just a mom wanting to give my children the best, like every other concerned parent.  This is my personal story of my family on our road to health.  I hope that you can benefit from this website and make your own decisions that are best for your family and lifestyle.

With Love,


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