If you’re breastfeeding your probably looking for a good Organic NON-GMO postnatal vitamin.  The truth is every mother should look into taking a postnatal vitamin even if they are not breastfeeding.  This supplement will help your body and mind recover.  The health benefits are passed along to your new born if you are breastfeeding too.Organic NON GMO Postnatal vitmains Prenatal

Here are a several important reasons why you should supplement with a postnatal vitamin:

* Numerous studies have been done on postpartum depression after birth and the one study found that there is a link between omega-3 fatty acid deficiency and postpartum depression. Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, is a beneficial omega-3 acids. DHA helps create breast milk and supports the development of the newborn’s brain, eyes and central nervous system. You can pass along this important omega-3 acid on to your baby through your breast milk.

* Vitamin A is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and vision. Mom’s breastfeeding can be deficient in this vitamin as it passes through their breast milk.

* Calcium is so important cause a nursing mom losses bone density. You need calcium daily to support bone health as well as the baby’s growth.

* Vitamin B-9 or folic helps in the development of the baby’s nervous system, but nursing mothers can continue to pass on this important vitamin to the baby. Folic acid has also been shown to help with postpartum depression.

* New mothers can lack zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral that supports the immune system. Pregnancy affects how your body absorbs zinc one study found that new mothers who supplement with zinc had more energy and their babies had less colic.

There are several brands of prenatal vitamins, but not as many options for important postnatal’s.  To help you with your search for a good quality organic NON GMO postnatal vitamin we have created this list:

1.  New Chapter Perfect Postnatal Vitamin

2.  MegaFood – Baby & Me

If you used a postnatal vitamin or have a question about postnatals please comment below.

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