My two pregnancies where polar opposites, one horrible the other great!  After the first pregnancy I cringed to think of going through another.  I didn’t understand all those people that talked about the “glow” they had and “happiness they felt.  I even remember my mom telling me, oh I never had any problems you have, it’s so strange!  Actually after I had my beautiful daughter and we started thinking of the possibility of having another one my parents said I shouldn’t.  They thought that since I was so sick with my first that I would get sicker….or die!  I guess I did look and feel really horrible, I remember telling my husband I felt like the walking dead!  I think I’ve blocked a lot of it out because I don’t like to feel the darkness I felt back then. 

I was covered all over my body in itchy, painful and raw eczema. Even my lips and just above my upper lip where so itchy and bright red, it was so embarrassing. It got to the point when I ate food my lips would hurt, swell and itch that I didn’t like eating or kissing my husband.  Just simple things like showering, clothing touching my skin, wearing make up became a torture.  My skin became inflamed, red, raised and bled.  Not only did it happen on the visible area’s but also the unseen like my breasts, which totally depressed me.  I always wanted to breastfeed and knowing that I had this painful skin condition I worried if I would be able to.  I didn’t let anyone take any pictures of me unless I had make up covering the evidence. 

Smiling but feeling like death!I kind of wish I would of taken a picture so you could see how I looked.  Here is a picture at the end of my pregnancy on a good day…you can’t really tell from the picture the severity of the problem.  But you can tell in my eyes the sadness I felt.  I truly thought my eczema would just go away once I had the baby…but unfortunetly it just got worse!  I did breastfeed although it wasn’t the “bonding” moment I was hoping for.  Because of the pain it was more of a thing I did so my baby girl could have  the nutrients.  I did have to supplement though and used formula as well.  And the funny thing is before I gave birth I was totally against formula…but in desperation I gave it to her.  I did my best in giving her the most breast milk I could.  I would feed her and then pump for half an hour to keep up the milk supply.  But I believe because of my state of health and mind my body just couldn’t produce the amount I needed.  I also was in a car accident that didn’t help my stress level … so at one point I was really a wreak!

All along I had been searching and trying different things but nothing really helped.  It wasn’t until I went to a naturopath and they gave me a diet to follow for a month that things changed.  Even my naturopath was surprised when she tested me that I showed allergies to almost all foods!  For a month I avoided all sugars, carbs, meat, dairy, citrus and anything that was boxed or ready made foods.  After the month I continued not as strict but still avoiding dairy, sugar and anything not in its original form.  I also had changed to using coconut oil and olive oil because of the good health benefits. Ultra Sound Boy

So in reality with out really knowing it I had been avoiding GMO’s because I didn’t eat the known GM crops. ( Soy, Canola, Corn, Alfalfa, Papaya, Cotton, Zucchini, Summer Yellow Squash) Not very long after this diet my eczema just disappeared.  I didn’t even realize it, I just remember thinking it was going to come back….but it didn’t!  More than three years since it stopped I still do not have any eczema on my body or face.  The only place I will have a flare up is my hands but this is driven from using harsh soaps at other peoples houses or when I’m out.  I am so happy because I can play with my kids and eat all sorts of things that before would have given me hives on my lips!  I love eating apples now, since before they would trigger my lips to get red, swell and itch like crazy.  Now I eat them all the time, except of course I have tried non organic apples at my mom’s place and they do make my lips start to feel funny. 

It is amazing to me how food can change so drastically how I feel.  That is why after I got better I wasn’t scared to have go through another pregnancy.  And my second pregnancy was wonderful, no eczema at all!  I only got to experience the normal pregnancy symptoms of nausea, tieredness and the back pain from my previous accident.  But those where all manageable since I didn’t have the eczema on top to drive me crazy! gmo free pregnancyAnd the best part was that I got to breastfeed with out needing to use any formula! This was just the best part for me, I’m so happy that I can do this for my son and without pain.  Sometimes I pump when my daughter is sick and give her my milk since I feel a little guilty she didn’t get as much as her brother.  This is a picture of me with my daughter at my baby shower.  Now finally I felt that “glow” they were talking about!  Now I can’t promise that you will have a great pregnancy but eating an organic non GMO diet will help!  Remember that I am not a doctor and you should always consult a physician before any changes in diet or lifestyle.  I wish all the best GMO free  pregnancy you can have!





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