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This is when you take the pledge to never eat another GMO food.  This requires staying away fromphoto all high risk GM crops such as Alfalfa, Canola, Corn, Cotton, Papaya, Soy, Sugar Beets, Yellow Summer Squash and Zucchini and any other that may be approved in the future.  This also means not eating dairy, meat or anything coming from an animal that is fed on GMO feed.  Since almost everything in our stores that are pre-made, in a box, a container or prepared for you, include GMO ingredients you will be making most of your own food.  If you buy ready made food they must be 100% organic and GMO verified.

Since you are going for complete “extinction” this means you will not eat out unless it is an organic restaurant, or known not to use GMO products.  When going to other peoples homes you must either bring some food or make sure they are not using one of the bad oils when cooking (canola, cottonseed, palm oil, corn) or giving you a food that was not prepared at home. I think this is the hardest part of the extinction is explaining to others why you cannot eat their food if it contains GMO’s.  This route is very hard on many levels, and unless you have a bunch of friends that support your healthy way you will have to have strong will power and thick skin.  There are many haters out there that will make you feel crazy, so I recommend starting off slow so you don’t give up.  To all those out there that can follow this strict lifestyle I salute you and inspire to one day be this way!*


This is basically similar to the extinction diet, you are not eating any GMO’s at home and especially not to your children.  The only difference is although you don’t eat GMO’s most of the time, there are times you might come to contact with them at other peoples homes or at restaurants.  You still will do your best to inform others about high risk GM crop foods but sometimes you can’t control what others do.  If they offer you something like non organic image (4)corn or soya you will still refuse it, but if you eat something unknowingly that may or may not contain GMO’s then it’s ok.  You are still fighting the war, but realize that you are not perfect and can’t check every single item someone gives you.  But of course if it is an obvious item like store bought dessert, junk food and so on you will avoid these at all cost.  Also when eating out try to choose items on the menu that don’t include the main GM ingredients and also ask about what oils they use. This is basically where my family is at right now, we try our best to be GMO free but understand there are times even with our best effort we might be exposed to it.  This is especially true for us at family’s homes when they invite us over.  We have explained our view point, do our best to bring over something I made for the kids snacks or desserts (as these are usually the main culprit for us) and usually offer to bring the food when possible.  Now even with all these measures if they still use canola oil for example, we have no way of knowing and have done our best to prevent it.  We try to educate others kindly as much as possible but it doesn’t mean they will listen or change.  This is the part that has been a little difficult to grasp for me.  I guess I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to better themselves. But at least I know I’m trying my best for my kids.  I still wish to be on extinction, but realize we have made a huge progress so far.  This is coming from a family that use to eat junk food all the time and eat out at fast food at least once a week.  Let’s just say I used to hate salad and did not start eating it until I got sick.  I can’t say it is my favorite food but I’m starting to slowly like it.  I wish I could say I was one of those super health foodies, but unfortunately I’m just a regular woman trying to change our family’s life and health.  I’m here learning and changing with you.*


This is when you are starting off and just learning what foods to avoid.  So you are switching from using the GMO foods to non GMO and organic.  This is especially true for your children and babies that are most affected by toxins in food.  So starting from formula, baby food, snacks, drinks, cereals and other food you will transition to 100% organic.  Although you are not full on supporting non gmo foods yet, it is still a slap in the face as you are switching the money you spend on things made with GMO’s to organic and GMO free.*

Let us know which diet challenge you resolve to take on!

*Remember these are my personal opinions. Always seek the opinion of your doctor before starting any diet change.

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