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imagerymajesticMany Parents on our GMOFreeBabies community have asked us to find out what Probiotics for babies and children on the market are GMO Free.  Here is a list of the ones we found both powdered and liquid.  The liquid ones do not have a anything on their label saying they are GMO Free, but we contacted them and you can see what they responded below.  As always we love to hear your opinions on the products, what you liked or didn’t like or if their is another brand that is a Non GMO probiotic for children that works well.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Probiotic Kids

This is a powdered Raw Organic Probiotic for children 3 months and up.  I have not tried this one yet but I like the idea that it is Organic and Raw.

Renew Life, FloraBaby for Kids

This is a powdered probiotic that says it does not contain any GMO ingredients.  I have tried this one with my little girl and she doesn’t seem to notice it in her milk.  The only thing sometimes is that if you do not mix it properly it gets clumpy.

One of our members on our facebook paged asked to know if there was any Non-GMO liquid baby probiotics and we found these liquid probiotics but they do not say anything about being GMO Free on the packaging.  We sent an email out to these companies asking them if they are GMO free and here is the information we gathered.

I have not tried a liquid Probiotic yet, but it sounds like a nice idea!

Probonix Liquid Probiotic – Gluten Free

I emailed them and they wrote back “This product is free of GMO’s”.

Biogaia Protectis Baby Drops

I emailed them asking if this product is Non GMO and they wrote back “the BioGaia ProTectis drops and BioGaia ProTectis chewable tablets are GMO free”.

BioAmicus Reuteri

I emailed them and they wrote back “We at BioAmicus have a mission to provide products that are free from any possible allergen, environmental contaminant, or unnaturally modified ingredients. Our products do NOT contain any GMO ingredients”.

Please leave us your thoughts below on which baby or children’s Probiotic you love best or don’t like! Thank you.


Elena (GMO Free Momma!)



Do you have any questions regarding any products for your kids or family?  Send us a message on our facebook page or comment below.








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