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You have decided you want to breastfeed, so why would you need a breast pump? This is exactly what I thought with my first baby, that is until I started having some trouble producing milk!  I had decided before the baby was born that I only wanted to breastfeed and I wouldn’t do any formula and everything was going to be just great.  Then I had the baby…  She latched right away and I kept putting her on to feed, but the nurses said she wasn’t getting enough, and needed to have formula. I really didn’t want to do this as I had read how giving the baby formula would interfereBaby Breast Milk Pump with my milk production.  I asked if I could try a bit more before they gave her formula.  We tried the electric breast pump and a little came out, but not enough to satisfy the nurses and I had to give her formula in order to go home.  At home we did everything we thought at the time was best to keep our daughter healthy. I would feed her at my breast for as long as she would stay there and once she was done eating I would pump another 15-20 min to encourage the milk production. Unfortunately because I was sick at the time as you can read in my bio, I think the stress and pain of that reduced my milk, so I still needed to supplement.  With my second baby I had no problems at all, of course I was feeling better and much healthier. I still used a pump for the first 3 months here and there just to get my milk at a higher level.  Then after that I used the pump for times I would be away from my baby or if he fell asleep and didn’t eat.  Another thing I did was if my 2 year old daughter was very sick I would pump a little and give her in a cup.  It sounds strange but since I had to stop breastfeeding her so early, I wanted her to have some of the of the wonderful properties of the milk. And somehow she always got better really quickly after her “milk”.

What type of Breast Pump is best?

Manual Breast Pump: Although these are not the most comfortable or quickest, I found them practical because you can take them anywhere and have no big things to carry around. I also found that since the pressure is done by you pressing the lever, you can control how hard it goes…so you can be more gentle or slow! This was a good thing when you have tender nipples. I used the Avent Manual Breast Pump and I found it was cheap but worked great on the go and easy to wash and boil.

Electric Breast Pump: I rented an electric pump from a pharmacy with my first child, I didn’t really like the pressure or the price tag! It worth buying an electric pump if you are going to use it long term, as renting one, ends up being much more.  I ended up just using my hand held pump for my first.  My sister had also rented a pump for her baby, but then noticed how the tubing was letting in some of the liquid and there was black spots forming. This tubing can not really be cleaned properly and so it seemed as if mold had started to grow inside…YUCK!!! Then she went online and researched what electric breast pump she could buy that did not have that problem.  Finally she bought the Medela Breast pump  since it is the only pump in the world with a proven protective barrier. The tubes never come in contact with the milk, and so they stay dry and mold free. So when I had my second I knew that was the electric breast pump I would use. They also sell extra tubing, which I never needed but great if you use your pump a lot or have multiple babies.


What accessories for my breast pump? It sounds silly, but there are a few things that do come in handy while pumping!

Hands-Free pumping bra: Yes they look a little funny, but they are so helpful! You will see that pumping can take a lot of time away from you, but this little tool can make it more tolerable. You can read a book, take a call, go online, paint your nails (with Non-Toxic Nail Polish) or just have your hands free!!! It is not very often that as mothers we get to just do nothing so let this time at least me a little more relaxing.

Breastmilk Cooler Set: This affordable set is great for a working mother that needs to transport breastmilk from work to home or leave with the daycare staff.

Battery Pack for Breast Pump: This is for mom’s on the go that need to pump and not worry if there is an outlet. Also great for travel.

Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes: This is so handy for quick cleaning of your breastpump when you are out of the house.

High Fashion Breast Pump Bag: For the very posh mommy’s who want to carry their breast pump in style. This is great for a working mom that wants to keep up her milk supply, yet doesn’t want to advertise it to the world. Also most of these stylish bags can be used as regular bags after you are done with pumping.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter
Natural Nipple Butter 60 ml. (2 oz.): Most mothers suffer from sore or chapped nipples at least for the very first little bit while the baby learns to latch on properly. Because many products say that they can be used even during breastfeeding, you want to make sure you are getting a product that is free of toxins and GMO’s. This is the only nipple cream that is certified GMO .

So what ever you choose to use for your breastfeeding and pumping I wish you and your baby all the best!


Elena (AKA: GMO Free Momma)

Natural Nipple Butter 60 ml. (2 oz.) – $12.95Clinically tested, hospital recommended Natural Nipple Butter is a safe, lanolin-free, zero toxin nipple balm for nursing mamas. Made with soothing organic calendula and non-sticky natural plant butters to comfort and protect cracked, sore nipples. Safe or baby too – no need to wash it off before nursing! Apply as needed, and after each feeding.

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