ID-100320515Ever since BPA or Bisphenol A has been linked to being a endocrine disruptor, my family has stopped buying and using plastic for everyday use.  Even though manufactures stopped using BPA, and replaced it with other plastic alternatives like BPS (Bisphenol S) I always questioned if these alternatives were any better.  BPA has studies to show it causes problems, but the other alternatives that are being used instead of it, have no data to show if it is any better.  It’s hard to always avoid plastics all together but I threw out all my plastic baby bottles and sippy cups and bought all glass or stainless steel instead.  I figured it costs a little more, but just in case it was worth the initial investment.  ID-100384496At times I feel like maybe I am being a little paranoid but now it seems my concerns were not unjustified.  A new study demonstrates that alternatives to BPA used in the manufacture of BPA-free products are not necessarily safer.  The research shows that low levels of BPS had a similar impact on embryos as BPA and that in both cases the embryonic development was accelerated.

 Meanwhile, I have many friends and family members that have been using plastic bottles and cups for their children because the advertising that says its “BPA Free”.  Sometimes its good to trust your own motherly instincts, instead of just doing what they tell us is “safe”.  For me personally I’d rather use glass or stainless steel because I am just not convinced that plastics are safe for my babies.  And really I don’t miss using plastics at all!  You can read more about the study here or read it in CNN news here.

Here are my families alternatives to Plastics:

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle Although any glass bottle is better than plastic I loved using these because they never broke on me when they fell down as it has a silicon protective sleeve.

THERMOS FOOGO Stainless Steel We have about 5 of these because we found them so practical for travel, and they keep the liquids nice and cold in the summer.  They come in different colors too, so you can keep one just for water and another just for milk.

Cub Cups for Toddlers & Kids.  We don’t have these yet, but I just saw them online and they look great!  At home I let my kids drink from regular porcelain cups and glass, but of course it took a while of me watching and helping before I could feel comfortable letting them use them.  But these cups look great because they are kid size and they wont break if they accidentally fall on the floor!

  Stainless Steel Utensil Set- Plastic spoons may be cheaper but these are a better alternative and look much nicer.

Children’s Stainless Steel Plates – This is a cute alternative to plastic plates, if you don’t want to use porcelain plates.

Stainless Steel Food Container – These are great for packing your kids school lunches in or even your lunch!

Glasslock:  Many use plastic containers to store their left overs for the next day.  These glass containers are a much better alternative, and the price is great too.

What do you think about plastics?  Will you stop using them in your home?  Please comment below what you think.

First Image of little girl with water bottle courtesy of Radnatt  and the second of baby with water bottle courtesy of KDshuttermanat  from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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