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Written by: Dad

Hi I’m Elena’s husband and my wife asked me to write about what I think about “green” or “eco” chlorine free diaper’s.   So lets start off at day one of our first baby’s birth.  We went through a lot of diaper’s especially the first month it felt like all we did was change diaper’s…  I had actually purchased a bunch of diaper’s made with more than 50% renewable content and materials sourced from sustainably managed forests, hypo-allergenic and free of fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions.  Also the pulp was processed without chlorine.  My wife was very impressed with my purchase.  I was too, I got them on clearance and I purchased 3 months of supplies because they were a great deal but then we ran out and I had to go buy diaper’s at full price.  At that point I was questioning why we really needed to be concerned about diaper’s without chlorine or other things like fragrances.  I mean diaper’s are used to collect urine and poop who cares what they are made of and if they have chlorine.  I was also thinking about all the money we were going to be spending on these more expensive diaper’s.  So I convinced my wife to try conventional diaper’s.  I bought a big box of regular diaper’s for a reasonable price.  We went to use the first diaper and right away I noticed this strange awful chemical smell.  We put it on our baby and it felt so wrong to have this chemical smell on my baby.  It was a bad toxic smell and our green diaper’s did not have any Baby Diaperssmell.  So I told my wife I had to go back to the store to buy the green diaper’s because I could not handle the smell nor the idea of my baby wearing chemicals.  Every since then we have only used chlorine free diaper’s.  Besides its a good decision for the environment too.

Naty Chlorine-Free ECO Diapers are made from GMO-free corn based film


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