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Since my husband and I have decided to do our best to keep our children and family away from genetically modified foods, I must say it hasn’t been an easy ride!  Sure in our own home we make our own food, use only non gmo foods and it works out just great.  But then there is the family and friends that just don’t get it.  “Why we have eaten this food all our lives, and you ate this as kids and you’re fine!”   I try to explain how our food supply has dramatically changed since then and what GMO’s really are.  “Well I eat them and I’m ok!” they usually reply. 

If I could just get them to understand it is not about just them or me.  Really it isn’t my health I am worried about, it’s my little ones that I hold so dear in my heart!  If I know something that might affect my child, even if there is just a chance that it might, then I want them so stay as far away from it as possible!  That is how I feel about GMO’s and all babies and children.  I think if you truly love your baby you will do you’re up most to keep them safe, and this is one way.  Sure our generation may not see the effects of GMO’s on our health because it has only been about 20 years since they have been out on the market.  But these new generations, now this is a whole new story.  Think about it, first the parents who have been eating GMO’s for the past years create a baby.  Then this baby who has been feeding in the mothers womb from all the gmos she might have been ingesting.  After the baby is born it is again fed either breast milk containing gmos from the mother’s food or a baby formula made with gmos.  Then the child grows up on a diet of more and more gmos, until adult and they continue the cycle. 

Each generation is getting more and more poisoned with GMO’s…how is this normal?  There have been studies suggesting that the lab rats fed GMO corn suffered premature death and tumorsThese studies have come under criticism (as all GMO studies have), but it’s still something to think about. Whether these findings can be applied to real life scenario or not, I really don’t want to take that chance with my kids…do you?  Is letting you child eat that processed GMO garbage really worth the risk?stop messing with my food

So I think my family thinks I am a health fanatic, which I really don’t think I am!  Because I choose to feed my
children organic and GMO free as much as possible…tell me how is that so crazy?  If we got out to a restaurant or to someone’s house we cant always eat like that.  But I will refuse a food for my kids if it is an obvious gmo or has a chemical that is harmful. (like colorful foods with dyes that have might be linked to ADHD)  I do try my best to cook or bake something to take along for my kids, if I know there will be things like that.  I guess I’m just tiered of the eye rolling and saying that we are not letting our kids enjoy food.  Really?  I never thought drinking pop, eating sugary candy and fake food from a box is enjoyment?

Since when did eating fruits and vegetables become bad?  Could it be that some children don’t like them because their parents have taught them that processed food is the only food that tastes good?  Also any of these favorite foods can usually be made with whole foods or just exchanged for something else that is just as satisfying! I’ve heard my daughter who is 3 been told once by a friend and then another time by a family member that they will eat junk food together when mommy and daddy aren’t around. Of course she didn’t understand what they are talking about, but I sure did!

I find it so hard when you are trying to do the best for your child and someone else wants to undermine everything you are doing.  Its like, I’m totally fine with you eating all the gmos and junk you want but don’t mess with my kids! So I am done with feeling horrible about trying to do the right thing for my kids.  I am not going to let my friends or family make me feel like I am with holding something from my children.  As much as they love my kids, that love will not stop them from getting the unknown diseases that these GMO foods might bring.  And although I wish I didn’t have too, this is a battle I will just have to keep fighting for my family.

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