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The Holle Difference – Organic Milk and Baby Formula

One of the main things that makes Holle different is that they use quality Demeter certified milk. Why does that matter? Well Demeter is the ...
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USDA Organic Baby Shampoo

You would think that all baby shampoos are free of harmful chemicals because why would anyone include harmful chemicals for a product designed ...
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Is BPA Free Plastic Really Safe?

Ever since BPA or Bisphenol A has been linked to being a endocrine disruptor, my family has stopped buying and using plastic for everyday use. ...
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New Mom needs your Help picking and finding Non-Plastic Toys for her Baby

We had a Mom from the GMOFreeBaby community ask for suggestions on toys for a baby that is under 6 months old.  She is looking for toys that are ...
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With brands like Similac now announcing they will be offering a NON GMO formula option we wanted to put a spot light on Earth's Best.  Earth's ...
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Non GMO Probiotics For Kids Which One is Best?

Many Parents on our GMOFreeBabies community have asked us to find out what Probiotics for babies and children on the market are GMO Free. ...
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NON GMO Vermont Organics Formula

We had a member from our facebook community ask about Vermont Organic Formula.  They want to know if it is a good choice for their baby.  ...
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Non-GMO Prenatal Vitamins

Do you really need a prenatal vitamin?  That is a question I asked my doctor on a prenatal visit with my first pregnancy.  "Think of it this way" ...
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Is Arsenic in your Rice?

As reported on there is both inorganic and organic (less toxic) arsenic found in rice. What we do to lower our families ...
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Is your Grocery Store Planning on Selling GMO Arctic Apples? See the responses received.

On our facebook page, our audience requested that we contact different grocery stores in both the United States and Canada and find out if they ...
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