When you first start breastfeeding your baby, most moms at some point will experience sore nipples. For some it can be worst than others, especially with your first baby; you can experience dry and cracked nipples. And if the baby has a bad latch your nipples might even bleed or get blisters. This isn’t something I knew would happen with the first baby as no one really mentioned that this was a problem for them. But then when I mentioned it to other moms they would tell me all about their breastfeeding nipple troubles… I wish someone would have talked to me about it before hand so I would have had time to look into different options for dealing with the pains and the dryness. For my second and third baby though I was prepared and made sure I gave proper care to my nipples so that I would not experience the same problems I had with the first.

There are many natural and organic ways to deal with this problem. One way is using a natural organic NON GMO nipple butter like Earth Mama Organics. This nipple butter has NO petroleum, parabens, lanolin. Importantly organic and NON GMO verified and you don’t need to wash off for nursing. Another thing that I found was important was staying relaxed while nursing. Breast feeding in stressful environments would usually result in a poor latch especially with my first baby. Also if a new mom is having trouble with the latch its best to see a lactation consultant and read about lactation and nursing. Lots of helpful resources available.

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    Thanks for the suggestion it does help! For my first baby it wasn’t enough because it was horrible because the baby had a bad latch and also I was breastfeeding and pumping right after. It was very painful, a sheet or clothes running over it would make me want to cry. So I had to have a thick layer of the butter on them until they healed and got tougher. Once the 2nd and 3rd came it was so much better for me.

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