Moms Itchy hands? Diaper rash? WATERWIPES to the rescue!

Have you ever suffered from dermatitis on your hands using certain baby wipes or soaps?  I have and when I switched the baby wipes I was using to WaterWipes it made a huge difference on my hands and my baby’s bottom.  I noticed there was no more rashes….  Many don’t realize this allergy till they switch soaps or baby wipes and find that their hands get better.  Those who suffer often are told by the doctor that it is eczema or contact dermatitis and there is nothing that can really be done but use certain prescribed ointments.  If you don’t like the idea of using these ointments the rest of your life because of potential side effects, then its important to start to educate yourself on the ingredients in your personal care products.  

As an example the preservative methylisothiazolinone or MI according to this article in the New York Times might be linked to rashes and allergies.  If you suffer from itchy dry hands it might be as simple as changing your personal care products to provide you some relief.  This is a good reminder to always read the ingredient label before purchasing baby wipes if you suffer from allergies or skin conditions.  If you do suffer from chronic dry itchy skin you should always consult a physician.

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