Could GMO foods be dangerous for your child?

Many will assure you that GMO plants or animals are approved safe for consumption and that there is no impact to the environment. But many beg to differ on this matter. Please consider the argument on the dangers of GMO foods.

GMO combinations occur in the lab that are not possible in nature. Playing with food technologically may have extensive impacts on human health and the environment.

Allergens are one major concern. GMOs may introduce known or even unknown allergens to food that would not naturally contain them. So if a person is allergic to something in the gene that has been introduced to a food that did not contain that gene before they could then become allergic to this new product… It could even be possible to create an entirely new allergen when you introduce a new gene into a plant, it’s possible to create an entirely new allergen especially in children.  This would be a great reason to label GMO foods, right?

Producers work under the assumption that if the original foods were safe, then the new product will also be safe for consumption.  But this might not necessarily be true once the organism is significantly altered and should be tested.

The companies that produce GMO foods have the option to voluntarily test GM foods but there is no laws requiring the tests in most cases. Doesn’t it make sense to have mandatory testing on all GMO foods before they are consumed especially with children being so vulnerable to potential allergens?

GMO foods impact our environment too. They are a pain for organic farmers, whose crops are sometimes contaminated by GMOs from neighboring farms. There is also impact on plants, animals and insects that have been observed.

Thankfully even without mandatory testing and labeling we have the option to buy organic and NON-GMO products.
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