Are Meats GMO?

With barbeque season on the horizon, one common question we hear is: are meats GMO?  There are currently no GMO livestock as it is not yet approved for human consumption.  So the meats in your supermarkets or butchers are not GMO meat.  But there are non-organic meats that are produced from animals raised on GMO feed such as grains.

To avoid meat raised on GMO feed, buy “100% grass fed” and buy organic.  Processed and precooked meat will most likely contain GMO oil-based additives and preservatives.  Also some meats that come pre-marinaded for you may include GMO ingredients.  Read labels carefully and look for high risk ingredients.

There are many meat alternative products available but beware that many are processed and include ingredients that are GMO.   Avoid products that contain the Big Five (corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, and sugar beets) at risk ingredients.  Many alternative meat products especially contain soy.

Here are some brands that offer NON GMO meat and meat alternative products:
Amy’s Kitchen
Follow Your Heart
Hilary’s Eat Well
SOL Cuisine
Sunshine Burger
Tree of Life
Turtle Island Foods

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