NEW Perrigo NON-GMO Infant Formulas

Non GMO Infant FormulaGMOFreeMommas have another non-GMO formula option now.  Perrigo announced it has FDA approval for three milk-based non-GMO infant formulas.  Non-GMO infant formulas use ingredients that have not been genetically engineered.  Perrigo’s CEO, John T. Hendrickson stated, “We know that today’s millennial mom is more demanding than ever. Whether she chooses conventional, non-GMO, or organic infant formulas, Perrigo is committed to providing her with a safe, high quality, and nutritious infant formula to meet her baby’s needs for growth and development.”    It is so exciting to see another NON GMO Formula on the market and see the impact GMOFreeMommas have on corporations.  Our wallets are make our baby formula safer!


Mother And Her Newborn Baby Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at


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