Happy Family Organics – “This is Happy” – Celebrating Happiness!

Cute Baby
Happy Family is a organic food brand founded and operated by moms.

I really enjoyed watching their recent ad campaign titled “This is Happy™”. funnyHaving children brings you many happy moments and this video brings back lots of memories.  I had a good chuckle when it came to the scene where the little boy shows his mom a picture of herself.  Think every mom has probably had that momement at some point so it was fun to watch.

According to the “Happy Family Organics Parenting Survey” over one-third (41%) of moms agree that one of the biggest parenting concerns revolves around what they feed their children and over half of the moms (56%) say that the time needed to prepare foods affects their families’ ability to eat healthy.

Happy Family provides a selection of healthy, organic, snacks for babies, toddlers, kids and moms to enjoy.  Looking for Happy Family Products? Click here

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