Why Does Everyone Rave About Organic Holle Products?


One of the main things that makes Holle different is that they use quality Demeter certified milk. Why does that matter? Well Demeter is the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture. Demeter is over 90 years old and is the oldest agricultural association and is an international organic brand.

One of the most important guidelines at Demeter is that GMO technology, chemical-synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are never used. Which is really important to GMOFreeMommas.  Only animal feed that is produced by the Demeter farmer or which is bought from another Demeter farm is allowed and it must be free from animal meal, additives, antibiotics and hormones. Demeter farmers also do not practice the removal of the horns of cattle as is standard in conventional cattle farming.  Demeter milk which comes from cows with horns has been shown to even be tolerated by people who have an allergic reaction compared to conventional milk.  The rule against de-horning might sound like it was only enacted for ethical reasons.  The act of de-horning not only can cause pain to the animal, and the loss of horns creates problems relating to the social heirarchy of the herds. But biodynamic farmers believe that the cow’s horns may influence the quality of its milk and that milk from animals that have had their horns amputated contributes to allergies such as lactose intolerance in humans.  The connection between the cow’s horns, digestion and milk quality might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Cows have complex digestive systems and when a cow chews the cud, digestive gases penetrate via the sinuses into the core of the horns. The more difficult the feed is to digest, the more majestic the horns, allowing the gases to circulate further into them.  Holle’s experience in Asia suggests that Demeter milk is far better tolerated by allergic infants than conventional and even organic milk.   Horns might make a difference!

What has been your experience with Holle products?  Which products have you used?

Please check out this link for more information cow’s horns, digestion and milk quality.  If you would like more information on Demeter check out this link.

Here is a list of some of the products Holle offers:
Holle – Organic Growing-Up Milk 3

Holle – Organic Goats Milk Nutrition

Holle – Dem Baby Cereal Millet Porridge

Holle – Organic Cereal Semolina Porridge

Image courtesy of “Mother Holding Little Baby” by imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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