Finding Safe Non GMO Organic Baby Formula


Breast is best but sometimes problems arise that prevent breastfeeding such as latching problems, painful mastitis, pumping issues and lack of milk production…

If breastfeeding is not an option and you need formula and don’t want to make your own, you likely want to know which formula is healthy, safe, NON GMO and Organic.

Organic infant formula remains a safer and superior alternative to conventional formula. Organic formula does not come from cows that are fed GMO feed, antibiotics or injected with synthetic growth hormones.

Organic formula sweeteners and oils cannot be from a GMO crop.  The sweetners also can’t be treated with pesticides.

Several brands of organic infant formula are available in stores or for purchase online.

Hands down organic formula is much better for your Baby than conventional formula.

Here is a list of Organic and GMO Free Formula options available:

1.   Honest Organic Premium Infant Formula – GMO Free

2.   Holle – Organic Growing Up Milk

3.   Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula

4.   Vermont Organics DHA Milk Based Organic Infant Formula – GMO Free

5.  Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula – GMO Free

6.  Baby’s Only Organic Dairy – GMO Free

7.  Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk – GMO Free


    • Vanessa Raymond says:

      Hi! So I use Myersburg powdered goats milk. I make 32oz at a time… 4 scoops of powder, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of evoo, 1 tbs of pure organic maple syrup, 2 tbs blackstrap molasses and 2 tablespoons of infant probiotics. I melt the coconut oil then add all ingredients except for probiotics to a blender and whip until it’s creamy. Then add probiotics. This has saved my baby from awful stomach pains! And it’s easy and healthy! Sometimes I double recipe…Keeps in fridge like breast milk! Hope this helps

    • Karli Woodcox says:

      What is evoo? I make formula often as well. Id advise people to do research as there are many different options when it comes to recipes. Find one that you are comfortable with. I prefer to use goat milk (not powdered) which needs to be diluted with water for younger babies, but you can use cow milk as well. Note that goat milk is much closer to a human mothers milk, which is why I choose to use it.

  1. Karli Woodcox says:

    The best option available in the USA is definitely Nature’s One Babies Only Organic Formula. We have used the Lactorelief for my son who has a lactose issue and it has been awesome! We used in combination with breastfeeding until I got pregnant again, where he became uninterested in nursing, and now we use it exclusively. They also do not use high fructose corn syrup and are careful about their ingredients (which are all non-gmo). It is listed as a “toddler formula” only because they promote breastfeeding the first year and it is perfectly suitable for infants.

  2. Jennifer Abaza-Porter says:

    Holle brand is really the best. It’s made in Germany . You can purchase it though on formulands site. The only ingredient that’s not the greatest is Palm oil. It’s honestly much better then All the “organic ” formulas made in the US. If you read a blog “food babe” wrote on gmos & organic formulas she breaks down the organic formulas avail in the USA & the ingredients in them. She actually lists the top 5 worst ingredients & why they are bad. It’ll make your stomach turn. It’s horrible what’s put into babies food. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Lian says:

    I´ve seen many posts so far by disappointed parents in many forums. My personal experience with the orders at so far was great and i would recommend them because of their competitive support and fast service. They ship directly from Germany. Only disturbing thing is that you have to order 2 weeks in advance.
    Holle formula is great. Our lo had colic issues before trying out Holle stage 1. After one week he stopped crying and was overall much happier. We are at Stage 3 now and very happy to have found the information about this brand.

    Try to get some promo codes through their facebook page before you order 😉

  4. myorganicformula says:

    I am always so protective or you can say over protective for kids health that’s why I needed a healthy food for them I luckily found one, the food I found is a Grain Porridge it helps my kids in balancing their diets staying active.

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