GMO Salmon NOT on my Dinner Plate!

ID-100127506By now your probably well aware of the fact that the FDA has approved GMO Salmon.  This would be the first genetically modified animal produced for consumption.  This salmon will not be labeled GMO.  It will be sold as “Atlantic salmon” under the label AquAdvantage.  No mandatory labelling of this fish as genetically modified.

If this GMO salmon gets into the wild somehow like by breaching its tanks, which could happen… it will contaminate the wild salmon.  This GMO fish is going to initially be farmed inland, but plans are to eventually place it in more open farms in even in the USA.  This GMO fish grows faster then normal and apparently needs less feed. Sounds fishy to me…  What’s wrong with the rate they grow at?   I wont even buy farmed fish…  Personally I’m not interested in ever tasting this fish and I’ll make sure this fish is not on my dinner plates.

AquAdvantage salmon will be in stores in the next two years. Stores like Trader Joe’s, Costco and Whole Foods will not sell it, thankfully!


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