NON GMO Bird Food


Harrison’s Bird Foods announced that it is the first commercial pet bird food company to add Non-GMO Project verification to its main line of pet bird foods.  With the Non-GMO Project verification customers now can have the confidence that the Harrison’s Non GMO bird foods will not contain GMO’s.

Harrison’s Bird Foods incorporates USDA-certified organic, non-GMO ingredients in all 11 of their pet bird formulas:

  • High Potency Coarse
  • High Potency Fine
  • High Potency Super Fine
  • High Potency Mash
  • Adult Lifetime Coarse
  • Adult Lifetime Fine
  • Adult Lifetime Super Fine
  • Adult Lifetime Mash
  • Pepper Lifetime Coarse
  • Power Treats
  • Juvenile Hand-feeding Formula
  • As well as their line of organic seeds and seed blends for free-ranging birds.

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