Non GMO Vitamin D Drops for Kids

VITAMIN D for kidsVitamin D is called “the sunshine vitamin” because we can usually get it from the sun.  But when you can’t get a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun you need to think about using vitamin D supplements.  Vitamin D is essential for bone development, calcium and vitamin C absorption and it supports the nervous system.  Doctors strongly recommend that babies be given vitamin D drops to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Also Rickets, a softening and weakening of bones can be caused by not having enough vitamin D.  You can read more about this condition here.  So it is really important that our children get a healthy dose of vitamin D everyday.

One question we get asked a lot in our GMOFreeBabies community is: Which Vitamin D Drops are GMO Free? To answer this question we have a list of Vitamin D Drops that are GMO free.  It can be confusing as not all of them list that they are Non-GMO.  The Vitamin D drops that did not list anything on the packaging we emailed for clarification.  Here is the list of NON GMO Vitamin D drops and if you click on the name or the picture it will direct you to a Amazon page with more details on the product:

1. Natural Factors Vitamin D3 400iu for Kids Liquid

I contacted Natural Factors and they wrote back that their vitamin D products are free of GMO’s and that they are committed to Non-GMO products and are expanding their testing to make sure their products are Free of GMO’s. We also have spoken directly with Natural Factors management.  They use high quality ingredients for their vitamins.  I use this brand of Vitamin D for my babies.  

2. Child Life Organic Vitamin D3 Liquid

Gluten free, alcohol free, casein free, GMO free

3. Healthy for Life Organic Vitamin D (D3)

The only ingredients are olive oil and Vitamin D3.  It has been certified organic by the Oregon Tilthe.

4. Carlson Labs Carlson Laboratories Super Daily D3

I have emailed them asking if it has GMO’s and they said “Super Daily D3 for Baby or Kids does not contain any GMO ingredients.”

5. Ddrops Baby Ddrops 400

We emailed them but have not received any information back yet.


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