HimalaSalt is the purest form of Himalayan salt


Have you ever used Himalayan salt in your meal?  Or visited a Himalayan salt room?

We visited a Himalayan salt room with my family and it was a great experience.  The kids loved playing with the salt. They had some beach toys in the room for the kids to play with the little salt rocks like sand.  Felt like a day at the beach and it was very relaxing but way too short.  We only got to spend 1 hour in the room but time just flew by and the kids did not want to leave.  The room was literally covered in Himalayan salt walls, ceiling and floor and there was a relaxing water feature in the room as well with spa music.

We also purchased Himalayan salt for cooking.  In my opinion it is pretty different in taste then the regular sea salt most of us use or used. But we have enjoyed using Himalayan salt in our meals just as much as sea salt.

To celebrate Non GMO month the brand HimalaSalt™ which produces Himalayan salt in a chemical and gluten free Certified Organic, Kosher, Green-e facility has a giveaway.  If you would like a chance at winning Himalasalt fine grain shakers, coarse grain grinders w/refills, organic Garlic Salt & Travel Sets click here.







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  1. Yorgo Sam says:

    I prefer the taste of sea salt over Himalayan salt. Anyone else feel the same way? I know Himalayan salt is healthier for me so I like using both not at the same time but rotate days one day sea salt the other Himalyan. Not sure if anyone else likes doing this too….

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