A Naturally Non-Browning Apple Already Exists – Discover the Opal Apple

ID-10092388For those that need and want a non-browning apple I have two words for you: OPAL APPLE.  This Non GMO Project verified apple was naturally cross breed with a Golden Delicious and Topaz apple.  The result, an apple with great flavor and the ability to naturally resist browning for several days.

Opal apples look bright yellow with occasional faint hints of red or green. The Opal apples will have a sticker on them with the name on it.

Why do we need a GMO non browning Apple if one can be created naturally through breeding?

For more information on the Opal Apple check out this page on livingnongmo.org


Image courtesy of kongsky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Kami McDonald Wegman says:

    Seriously? Nobody can patent a nonbrowning apple that occurs naturally. Such a silly question. GMO Free Babies. It’s funny though when you think about it. It seems like extending shelf life of anything is counter productive to their mission.

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