GloryBee Organic Honey is Now NON-GMO Verified


The Non-GMO Project has verified that all of Eugene-based GloryBee Organic Honey contain no GMO’s as reported by GloryBee Organic Honey is the first major organic honey company to get the verification. GloryBee has been testing its organic honey for GMOs for more than five years.  

The Non-GMO Project’s verification allows GloryBee’s users to add this verification to the products that contain their honey, which allows them to develop even more products using GloryBee’s organic honey.

Honey is considered a high-risk ingredient because it is difficult to verify the bees haven’t been exposed to GMOs so we are very excited to have a honey that has now been NON-GMO project verified.

GloryBee Certified Organic Honey meets European standards for bee pollen content. It retains the bee pollen, enzymes, and other micronutrients normally lost during processing.  It scoops out of the jar and has a fresh smell.  GloryBee Certified Organic Honey is a must have in every GMO Free Mommas Kitchen!

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