GMO Chickens Glows in the Dark – Stop GMO Chickens

Glow in the dark chicken legs anyone?  Pretty sure there are no takers.  A recent article on discusses a UK experiment to create GMO chickens that will stop the spread of bird flu.  For this experiment they actually injected the birds with a protein that turned them glowing green under ultraviolet light so they would know which chickens have been genetically modified.  Fortunately at this time the group behind the experiment says they are not developing the birds for human consumption and they have stopped research into GMO chickens at this time because there was no approved commercial use.

The article did go on to mention later that one of the scientist interviewed said he expected it would still be about a decade before he could envision their birds making it onto supermarket shelves. He also said: Hopefully by then, the opposition to GMO would have softened.  Lets hope that doesn’t happen and GMO opposition will increase!  Not interested in ever eating GMO chicken.  Leave the chicks alone!

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