Little Backpacks for Little Kids

Girl with Backpack

Backpack shopping season is in full swing now as parents prepare kids for going back to school. I recently saw a cute article on CNN that featured a photo gallery of cute little kids wearing backpacks check it out by clicking here.

It reminded me of when my daughter got her first backpack as a toddler.  She looked so cute wearing it and it was always entertaining to see what items she wanted to pack in there and the surprises she would bring along.  Most recently my son has taken an interest in wearing a backpack too.  He looks so adorable wearing it and he likes to pack totally different items comprised mainly of his car, train, plane and of course snacks.

Selecting a backpack can be hard especially when your little one looks so cute wearing all of them…

How to avoid toxic back to school supplies. Check out this post and watch the Tox Doc video which has great reminders for back to school shopping

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