10 Things You Don’t Realize Until You Have Kids

Things you don’t realize until you have kids:

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1. You will never get to sleep in again!  Well at least until they are a little older.  People kept telling us this while I was pregnant but we just didn’t get it.  Ever since we had the kids the latest they have ever slept in is 7:30am.  And it doesn’t seem to matter how late we have stayed up, like clock work they will usually wake up by at least 6:30am.  I guess 6:30am is a time that many wake up for work, so it’s not a big deal.  But the difference is that you never get that chance to sleep in, not weekends, not on vacation or if you are sick.  If you have a newborn then it’s not only early waking’s but its being up every 3 hours or less that takes toll on new parents.  Seriously, if you don’t have kids yet, enjoy those sleepy weekend mornings, do nothing and relax! There will be times (especially when they are newborns) when you will feel stressed out, tiered and yet happy all at once. 

2. You never knew you could love a little being so much.  As much as I love my family and husband, it is a different type of love.  It’s a love that you feel constantly a need to protect, nurture and you just want to kiss and hug them all the time!  Plus it deepens the connections with your family.  I definitely appreciate my parents much more now.  I realize how muchBabytips they had to go through to raise us.  And I have a new respect and love for my husband. Watching my husband being such a great father only strengthens my love for him.

3. You understand why your mom nagged so much.  I remember being a teenager and thinking, oh I’m never going to nag my kids.  
Fast forward years later, I find myself saying some of the same things my mom would say to me.  The kids are very cute, but there are times that you feel you have to repeat your self 100 times before they listen!

4. You view point on life and what matters changes. This was huge for me.  As soon as I got pregnant things just seemed to change in my mind.  All of a sudden I was responsible for a little life and the decisions we made from now on could impact them for the rest of their lives.  So I went from a junk food lover, to natural organic and Non GMO foods.  We try to be careful what things we watch on T.V and how we act around our kids.  We just want the best for our children, and we want them to have an opportunity to just be kids!  They are only little for so long, let them be innocent and happy.baby eating

5. It’s harder on your marriage. It is definitely easier when you are just a couple to sort out any issues.  When you have children, you are throwing in lack of sleep, stress and just the incredible amount of time a baby requires.  I always recommend couples to get to know each other well before having children.  You need that strong bond and love to get through any stressful times.  When you or your mate has had no sleep, is stressed out about the baby being sick and you have work to finish, you will be more patient and understanding to one another if you realize any attitude change is temporary.  And of course you need to have time as a couple.  Make sure you get a trusted family member or friend to give you a night off to just be a couple.  Don’t forget the love you first had in the beginning, it is still there!

6. You will be amazed how much you will spend on diaper’s and milk!  “It’s just a baby how much can they really cost!”  We found out quickly how much these little bundles of joy actually cost!  We had never spent so much on groceries as that first year with our newborn with all the formula, diaper’s and baby things we thought we just had to have .  We were so happy that with our second that I had enough breast milk that he didn’t need any formula at all.  So it is not so bad once they start eating real food and using the potty.  But then of course there are all those cute little outfits….swing

7. You get to enjoy all the kid activities you did as a child. It is nice to feel like a child sometimes and not look crazy!  We have been enjoying watching cartoons, going to the playground, and going to kid friendly places.

8. You have built in entertainment.  On a rainy day, put on some music and let the little ones put on a show for you. Most little children love dancing and singing at this early age.  Encourage them and you will be surprised at the funny things they do and perform for you.  And for some reason every little cute dance and song is the most adorable thing you have ever seen, especially if it is your first child! 

9. It is harder then you thought it would be.  For us it definitely was harder then we thought it would be.  We thought the hard times would come in the teenage years.  We didn’t realize about the sleep deprivation, the stress that comes with a newborn and the great energy a 2 year old has!  We use to look at parents and not understand why their baby was crying so much.  Now we get it, we totally get it, and feel empathy when we see parents struggling with a crying newborn or a toddler having a tantrum. Family

10. It is better than you thought it would be. Even with all the extra work and stress that it takes to be a parent, their is nothing more rewarding then seeing your child grow up.  No matter how upset you get, seeing them smile at you with their little gummy smile is priceless!  Or when they give you their first kiss and hug, is something you cannot replace with anything else.  They are a part of you, and it is a wonderful beautiful blessing to have children and raise them with love.

These are just a few of many things you don’t realize until you have children.  What would you add to the list?  Comment below and share what you really didn’t expect would happen adding children to your life!

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