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ID-10033741Baby cereal is easy, convenient and is usually one of the first foods that parents feed their baby.  With my first because her teeth did not come in until after 12 months, she loved her baby cereal.  I made most of her food.  I would cook her vegetables or fruits and then blend it up and sometimes mix it with cereal.  She really enjoyed cooked puree beets mixed with cereal.  But I found baby cereal great for when we were away on vacation.

With my second baby, he really didn’t eat baby cereal at all.  The reason is because his teeth came in really early, he was about five and half months.  And when his teeth came out they were big and sharp!  He wanted to eat everything and he hated mushy foods.  Even now he hates when I cut up or mush up his food, he wants to eat by himself and be able to take bites out of the food.

Every baby is different.  I’m glad I had the choice of Organic cereal for my babies.  It’s nice to have so many different options to choose from for Organic and Non GMO baby cereal.  I was asked to post some Non GMO baby cereals, so here are some that I found.  Let us know which brand your baby enjoyed and what you recommend! Summer2011 122

1. Organic, Sprouted Baby Cereal Assortment: Quinoa, Rice, Wheat – 7 Oz. (198 g) Each – 3 Pack Bundle

I thought this was an interesting option for baby cereal since it is not only organic but it is made from organic sprouted grains.  It is made in the USA and is packaged in BPA free pouches.  It comes in brown rice, wheat or quinoa.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Cereal Variety Pack of 6 (8 oz Boxes)

My sister gifted me these Earth Best Organic cereals and my baby seemed to enjoy them.  They are certified USDA Organic and they are Non-GMO.  They come in Mixed Grain Apple Sweet Potato Cereal, Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal with Bananas, and Whole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal.

3. Happy Family happy bellies Baby Cereal – Brown Rice – 7 oz

This cereal is USDA organic and uses Non-GMO ingredients.  It has no added sugar, preservatives, flavors or colors.  It has DHA + choline for healthy eye & brain development and probiotics for immunity support.  It contains no soy or dairy.

4. 100% Organic Baby Food, Instant Brown Rice

This cereal is Non GMO, has no artificial flavors, preservatives, dairy or soy.

5. Earth’s Best Organic Wholesome Morning Hot Cereal, Gluten Free Sweet Potato & Cinnamon, 12 Ounce

This is a Gluten Free cereal made of Quinoa and Brown Rice.  It is Non-GMO project verified and USDA Organic.  It is also Kosher certified.

6. NurturMe Organic Infant Cereal, Quinoa Plus Apple, 3.7 Ounce

This cereal is a healthy alternative to rice cereal.  It is made from Quinoa and has complete protein with all essential and non-essential amino acids.

Let us know which Organic GMO Free baby cereal you prefer.  Comment below!

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