GMO Free, Chlorine Free & Fragrance Free Diaper’s Exist

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 With our first baby (as well as our second) we went through a lot of diaper’s especially the first month, it felt like all we did was change diaper’s… So the idea of spending a little more for “Green” or chlorine free diaper’s didn’t seem like a good idea seeing that they cost more and just go in the trash fairly quickly.

But we actually ran into an awesome deal to purchase a lot of diaper’s made with more than 50% renewable content and materials sourced from sustainably managed forests, hypo-allergenic and free of fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions.  Also the pulp was processed without chlorine.  They were cheaper then conventional diaper’s so we bought 3 months worth of supplies for our first baby because they were such  great deal, but then we ran out…  We had to go buy diaper’s at full price!  At that point we started questioning why we really needed to be concerned about diaper’s without chlorine or other things like fragrances.

We decided to give conventional diaper’s a try.  We bought a big box of regular diaper’s for a reasonable price.  We went to use the first diaper and right away we noticed this strange awful chemical smell.  We put it on our baby and it felt so wrong to have this chemical smell on our baby.  It was a bad toxic smell and our green diaper’s did not have any smell.  We ended up going back to the store the same day to buy the green diaper’s because we could not handle the smell nor the idea of my baby wearing chemicals.

Ever since then we have only used chlorine free diaper’s.  Besides its a good decision for the environment too.  You could also even find diaper’s that are GMO free to ensure no dollars you spend go towards supporting GMO crops like Naty Diapers click on the link for more information. 

1. Naty Chlorine-Free ECO Diapers are made from GMO-free corn based film
2. Seventh Generation Free and Clear

3. Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Diapers

4. Nurtured by Nature Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers

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