DCA Investigates Formula Company for possible Consumer Fraud


When you don’t have the option to breastfeed the search for the best formula starts.  Every parent wants the best for their baby.  Parents usually will spend time carefully reading labels and claims and then try to make the best decision on selecting the formula.  Now the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York city is currently helping parents out by investigating whether Similac is falsely marketing baby formula as easier to digest and healthier.

The Department of Consumer Affairs, is questioning Abbott Laboratories’ claims that Similac formula is “designed to be closer than ever to breast milk,” making it appealing for parent that have babies that suffer from “fussiness and gas,” and another claim is that it reduces “spit up by 54%”.  The city has had no specific complaints about the formula.

Investigators are taking the company to court and are demanding documents showing who arranged for doctors to evaluate and endorse the claims.  They also want to know how it is distributed and marketed in New York.  The investigators would also like to see the reports on clinical studies that support the claims.

The DCA issued a statement that the department is”investigating a number of manufacturers of infant formula under its authority to enforce the city’s Consumer Protection Law which prohibits deceptive trade practices and false advertising.”

Abbott says the DCA’s subpoena is “burdensome,” and would require Abbott to come up with “hundreds of thousands of pages of documents” some of which contain medical or personal information.

The Abbott attorney has stated that there is “robust clinical studies with voluminous technical data”.

Similac is the leading infant formula brand in the U.S.

Check out the full story as reported by nydailynews.com.

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