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Once upon a time the O’Brien family was a happy family with 4 children Lexy, Colin, John, and Tory.  But then things changed when the children started to develop allergies.  Tory ate eggs, her face puffed up and turned red. After a few doctor visits she was diagnosed with an allergy to eggs.  Robyn (the Mom of the O’Brien family) did alot of research to find out why her child developed allergies.  From her research she created a list of the possible causes of increasing allergies:

1.  Shift from a natural to an industrial environment
2.  Excessive exposure to antibiotics
3.  The rise in pollutants and environmental toxins
4.  Our tendency to eat more processed foods loaded with chemical additives and preservatives and to eat far fewer natural whole foods.

Later her son Colin began to suffer from eczema.  Robyn took him to the doctor and of course they prescribed drugs… But then the O’Brien family decided to do an experiment and live a week without milk. Guess what?  Surprise the eczema started to clear. Colin had a milk allergy.

The Unhealthy Truth also discusses the effects of GMO’s on our health.

Robyn O’Brien notes that Europeans use a Precautionary Principle: A food must be proven safe before we eat it.  In America we like to profit first and then ask questions later….

Robyn provides tips on how to wean kids off unhealthy foods and shift them to healthier foods.

This is a must read for every parent.  Checkout the book: The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply– and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself

Robyn O’Brien is also the founder of AllergyKids. She also has been featured in the New York Times, appeared on CNN, Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show and Evening News.  For more on on Robyn O’Brien check out her website by clicking here.

If you have already read this book let us know your thoughts on the book.

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  1. Marta says:

    Maybe she should add to this list potential harmful effects of vaccination, as this is also proven source of kids developing alergies, and also FDA approved without proper long term side effects research being made.

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