The “Majority Rule” Except When It Comes to Labelling GMO’s

GMO Surveys

The majority of people want GMO’s labelled.  Checkout these surveys that prove 90% of people on average want GMO’s labelled:

* Environmental Working Group

* The Washington Post

* The New York Times

* Consumer Reports

We need labels on food so that families know what foods contain allergens like peanuts, we need labels to know the nutritional value of food, check to see if there are additives or sweeteners and many other great reasons to have labels. We all want to know and need to know what is in our food to make informed decisions about what we feed our family. It only makes sense then that GMO’s are labelled so that each family can decide for themselves if they want to consume these products.

Since the majority want GMO’s labelled in your opinion why do you think its been such a struggle to get products labelled?


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