NON GMO Similac Formula Now Available!

ID-10091359A NON GMO version of Similac Advance formula has arrived and is now available for sale! Similac finally understands that parents do not want GMO ingredients in their baby’s formula.  We are very excited to see Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula for sale.  We broke this exciting news on on May 26th.  The post was titled “Coming Soon Similac Formula without GMO Ingredients” since then we received inquires on when this formula would be available for sale.  That day has finally arrived.  If you would like to purchase this formula please click here.  

Most baby formulas on the market today use various corn and soy derivatives.  The problem with that is that more than 90 percent of those crops in America are grown from GMO seeds.  At we encourage parents to look at Organic and GMO free infant formula options.

One of our more popular posts in the past was about Vermont Organics Formula which is GMO free to check out the post click here.

If your plan is to breastfeed it is still recommend to have a back up formula plan in place.  I wanted to solely breastfeed my first baby but unfortunately did not produce the milk supply.  If you are pregnant be prepared by educating yourself about the various formula options on the market today.


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    • Jana Bosak says:

      I know Beech-Nut makes organic babyfood. I’m not sure about formulas, but my friend was finding it, but Idk the name of it
      Maybe Target? My kids are older now, I haven’t known baby stuff for a long time, but I do know there’s one, and its 30 bucks a can.

    • GMO Free Babies says:

      Jana Bosak, Yes unfortunately there are no project verified formulas yet according to their website, but I really hope that one does get verified soon. I think it’s a difficult process to go through the verification. At least it’s good to see that 1 of the 3 biggest formula companies is changing. Once the big corporations change then all others follow! So there will be more choices in the market. But I’m guessing the 1st formula that actually gets the verification is going to be very popular!

    • Jana Bosak says:

      An area of land needs to be cultivated I believe 4 times,, and the fifth the dirt is considered good enough to be organic. I do know someone makes an organic formula, Beech nut, but if you cannot find any, avoid Soy at all costs, its no good even organic, unless it’s fermented, and basically. Only Asians ferment their soy. It’s supposed to one like really good fermented but poison if not….making baby’s tummy hurt.

  1. Dy says:

    It will likely inspire other baby formula brands to go GMO free in order to compete. Similac’s parent company Abbott said it would first offer a “non-GMO”.

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