I Don’t Have Twins But I Love My Double Stroller

I don’t have twins but I love my double stroller!  As soon as I found out I would be having another baby, I knew I would need a stroller that could carry both my kids. IMG_3863 When my son was born, my daughter was exactly 2 and a half years old.  Yes she was getting to the age that she doesn’t really need to be in a stroller, but for me strollers are vital!  We have used about 6 different types of strollers between the two kids over 4 years!  The reason I use them so much is because I use them almost every day.  I walk everywhere, and my walks are long, too long to expect a little child to do.  As my little girl got older she no longer really needed to sit in the stroller, but it was there for the walk home when she gets tiered.  I actually get stopped all the time by other moms at parks and malls asking me about my double stroller, this is why I decided to create this post. Hopefully it will help you as well!

The reason I prefer the front to back double stroller as opposed to the side by side is that it is much more practical.  I have taken my double stroller everywhere parks, malls, small stores and even Vegas!  I really don’t think I could have gone in to half the places I’ve been if I had a side by side double stroller.  

The side by side strollers are just way to wide to get around in a small space.  Our stroller is larger then a regular stroller in that it is longer, but it is still not to wide to get into a small store or a busy side walk like in Vegas.

I also didn’t chose the stroller that has a little bench in the back for the older child since I didn’t think it would be very comfortable for a long walk.Plus if she got very sleepy, could she actually sleep in that bench?

And the other stroller that didn’t interest me was the front to back stroller where the child in the back sits down very low.  I just figured my kids are so curious and love looking around I thought the child in the back would get bored not being able to see everything.   Also there is no real storage space which means mom or dad needs to carry a bag.  Not practical in my opinion.



And now my favorite double stroller!!!

Contours Options Tandem Baby Stroller

This is the double stroller that I’ve used none stop for 2 years and still love!  It’s versitile and packs easily in our Van.  The seats come out and can face out or towards each other.  And its got great storage in the bottom which works great when you go grocery shopping, but if you need more storage there is a Contours Stroller Shopping Basket you can buy as well once you don’t need the second seat, this is pretty awesome add on.

Another great aspect of the Contours Tandem Stroller is it has an adjustable adapter attachmentfor an infant car seat and the chairs can be adjusted so that they face mom which is great if you are walking in the direction of the sun or if you just want to keep a close eye on the kids.

Here are some more double strollers that you might like:

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

This is a less expensive option in a double stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, Onyx

This is a high quality double stroller for those that love Jogging.

Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller, LX3

This stroller is large enough if you have 3 babies!!!

Let us know what has been your favorite double stroller in the comments below!  Need help finding these strollers?  You can click on the pictures and it will direct you to where you can find one.  


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