Protect Your Children from Genetically Modified Foods

Protect Your Children - GMOs“Protect Your Children from Genetically Modified Foods” is an introductory brochure  for parents on the health risks of GMOs on children and babies.  It has been prepared by the “Institute For Responsible Technology“.  It is a two page, concise, easy to read brochure that should be shared with parents that don’t know much about GMO’s.  

Here is a list of some of the topics covered in the brochure:

  • What is a Genetically Modified Organism?
  • Animal Research Indicates Human Risk
  • Genetically Engineered Milk Hormone Linked to Cancer
  • Children are More Vulnerable to the Dangers of GMOs
  • Learn to Avoid GMOs

Please feel free to read the full brochure by clicking here.


  1. JAK BURKE says:

    This is such great info bc there is so much disinfo out there. Big Bio Tech is actively hiring mommy bloggers to dismiss fears over GMO ingredients. This is awful. Moms need to know what’s good or bad for their babies. Thanks for the tips!

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