NON GMO Snacks On The GO!


Keeping free of GMO’s can sometimes be a challenge.  In particular finding healthy NON GMO snacks for kids that are practical and tasty.   My family really loves fig bars from Natures Bakery and they are verified NON GMO.  There is a Non-GMO Project label on the packages and proudly on the front of the boxes that contain them.   We have tried all sorts of snacks but by far this is my families favorite snack food.  Having these snacks readily available helps my family avoid snacks that contain GMO’s.

This snack is practical and versatile with many flavors available such as: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fig, Lemon, Peach Apricot and Raspberry.

My kids love the flavors in this order:

1.  Strawberry

2. Apple Cinnamon

3. Blueberry

This NON GMO snack is a great option for families that are having trouble avoiding GMO’s.

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  1. michel says:

    If I went to restaurants for lunch I would ask for a remove
    box at the beginning of my meal. If you do not know this, carbohydrates
    actually transforms into sugar once it is into the body.
    Working out with a workout buddy likewise helps, by
    doing this you stay motivated and focused to stay on track.

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