ID-10057568Here is a list of things about having a baby that most of your friends and family won’t talk about:

  1. You will be pregnant for 10 months, not 9 months. Full-term is actually 40 weeks. Many are shocked to discover the due date is actually 10 months out.
  2. Picking a name for the baby can be stressful and very time consuming. There are hundreds of thousands of names to pick from. Narrowing it down and picking the names you love is a really hard task.
  3. You might poop on the table during delivery. This of course no one wants to talk about and is better forgotten. This is a reality of giving birth and when you’re in the moment you really won’t care.  Just don’t think about it. 
  4. Your nipples will most likely change color and they will grow in size. Your nipples might transform into what I can only describe as a fuel funnel.
  5. You might develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy or they may protrude out of you during a long pushing phase during delivery.  A hemorrhoid might pop out during a strong push, resembling a little alien…
  6. You have probably heard people say you have to pee more often, well that’s a bit of understatement… You sort of have the urge to pee almost all the time
  7. Some pregnancies bring out a beautiful “glow”, for other moms acne and blotchy skin.

When you hold your baby in your arms though all of the above is long forgotten.  Probably why no one really talks about it.   

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  1. Label GMOs says:

    #5 hemorrhoids. No one talked to me about that till after the baby. Alien is a good description looks like ETs head hanging out looking for a home…

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