ID-10096026Today we decided to look back at the last 100 GMOFREEBABY.COM posts and make a list of the top viewed and commented posts.  Thank you to all who have visited the blog and website!  We have had 315 comments to date.

Here are the TOP 10 posts:

1.   Non-GMO Prenatal Vitamins

2.  Food Babe Inspiration for New Comic Book Superhero

3.  Coming Soon Similac Formula without GMO Ingredients

4.  NON GMO Vermont Organics Formula

5.  Grocery Giant Loblaw says “no plans to stock this product” – Update on GMO Arctic Apples

6.  Breastfeeding in public to be allowed legally in Virginia

7.  NON Toxic Insect Repellents & Prevention

8.  NON GMO Vitamin D Drops for Babies & Children

9.  Sunscreen Investigation – Top Picks

10.  Non GMO Probiotics For Kids Which One is Best?

We look forward to hearing from you and any suggestions you have for future posts!


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