Baby SmilingWith brands like Similac now announcing they will be offering a NON GMO formula option we wanted to put a spot light on Earth’s Best.  Earth’s Best Organic Formula was the first to receive organic USDA certification and they have an impressive line of certified organic baby foods as well.

Earth’s Best Organic formulas have never contained GMOs and always have been certified USDA organic.

Earth’s Best Organic Certified USDA Organic Infant Formula provides four options:

  1. Dairy Infant Formula
  2. Sensitivity Infant Formula
  3. Soy Infant Formula
  4. Dairy Toddler Formula.


  • Made without GMO ingredients, including the feed administered to the cows that supply the milk ingredients.
  • Made with ingredients that are grown without the use of potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers;
  • Contain milk ingredients from cows that are humanely raised and not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics; and
  • Prohibit the use of ionizing radiation and sewage sludge in organic agriculture.

If you would like to check out more products that Earth’s Best offers please click on this link


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  1. Leidy Ann Capps says:

    I still found questionable ingredients in their formula so I made the switch to Baby’s Only Organic Formula. Earth’s Best is my go to if my shipment of Baby’s Only doesn’t make it to me in time.

  2. Jen Bellizia Demetropoulos says:

    I wonder about the dha. I read that hexane based dha is gmo derived, yet still has organic label and I’m wondering if this is true. Has anyone else found this? I checked and there are currently no non gmo verified baby formulas yet, maybe they are still just going through the verification process?

  3. Migdalia Dalton says:

    Hi I nurse my baby but when I went time the hospital three weeks ago I stayed there for a week and it lowered my milk supply. It hurt me bad. Now I nurse him and I give him Similac Organic. Any advice for me at all?

    • GMO Free Babies says:

      The advice I personally can give is to keep nursing as much as possible, drink lots of water and maybe take a nursing tea. Your milk is the best but I totally understand the fact that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Keep trying and if you want to increase your supply you can try pumping after you nurse. It’s not easy but it helps the the supply. I had to do that with my first. My second I just let him nurse as long and as much as he wanted and it worked fine. And try to stay calm, stress is really bad for the milk supply. In the end be happy because you are trying your best!

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