Family RestaurantsCan’t wait for the day where we won’t need a list of restaurants that use GMO free ingredients!  But sadly for now most restaurants use GMO ingredients in many of their menu items…  The NON GMO project website has a list of NON GMO Verified restaurants.  Do you know how many restaurants are on the list?  One.  Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle, WA.   As for restaurants working on removing GMO ingredients or at least letting customers know which items contain GMO’s, well that list is thankfully growing.  Most recently there was the exciting news from CHIPOTLE GRILL and of course the much awaited for Amys Drive Thru.  If you know of a good restaurant in your area that uses GMO free ingredients, organic ingredients or at least informs its customers of which items are GMO free please comment below and help families in your area find the restaurants they are looking for to have a meal.


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