CFIA Warning Parents to Check Infant Formula for Tampering or Substitution

Infant FormulaThe CFIA is advising people using baby formula to check the packaging for signs of tampering or product substitution.  The agency says it has become aware of reports of product substitution or tampering in infant formula products.

These incidents are not usually associated with the manufacturing process but sometimes occur occasionally when a customer returns altered products to the retail store for a refund.

Infant formula products have been found where the outer cases and containers are intact but the product inside may have the tamper-proof seal broken and may contain a different product (brand and/or variety). There have been no illnesses associated with these complaints.

The CFIA is asking parents that use infant formulas to examine the containers to ensure that the security seal is intact and has not been altered or the product substituted.  If you have product that appears to have been altered, do not use or consume it.

This is a great reminder for all parents to be diligent in checking safety seals on all products.

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