GMOFREEBABYFORMULAAccording to the New York Times Similac Advance says it will begin selling baby formula made without genetically altered ingredients by the end of the month at Target.  Companies are starting to finally get the message that parents do not want to GMO ingredients in baby products.  We are not interested in our children being science experiments.  We want healthy organic GMO free foods and products for our families.

Most baby formulas on the market today use various corn and soy derivatives.  The problem with that is that more than 90 percent of those crops in America are grown from GMO seeds.  At we encourage parents to look at Organic and GMO free infant formula options. One of our more popular posts in the past was about Vermont Organics Formula which is GMO free to check out the post click here.

If your plan is to breastfeed you still need to have a back up formula plan in place for formula.  I wanted to solely breastfeed my first baby but unfortunately did not produce the milk supply.  If you are pregnant be prepared by educating yourself about the various formula options on the market today. You want to pick the best for your baby before the birth. Because believe me finding time after the baby is born to read and do research is very tough.