Food Babe Inspiration for New Comic Book Superhero

Aletheia SuperheroWith a new villain in town that goes by the name of “Toxina“. A new Superhero has been bornAletheia to fight for peoples freedom to choose non toxic and GMO free foods and products.  The inspiration for this new Superhero is the author of the book The Food Babe Way Vani Hari.  The name “Aletheia” is from the Greek word meaning truth.

I have a background in Beauty Therapy and love the art of makeup.  I have a new instagram account called naturalgirlcolors to show different makeup looks and to promote non toxic cosmetics.  I created this villian and superhero for a recent make up competition.  It was a competition for make up artists to recreate a superhero or a new one all together.  I decided I wanted to enter this competition in order to try to bring to light the message of how toxins are all around us, but that we don’t have to sit back and be a victim to them.  That is why I choose Food Babe
as an inspiration for “Aletheia“, since she has done so much to get the word out and help identify many harmful chemicals in our day to day life.  I know that without her investigations I myself would not have known about a lot of chemicals in our food.  She helped spark a light to keep my family healthy and help others with what I learn.Toxina close up

Guess who is the inspiration for the villain Toxina?

Clue it is a corporation that creates and promotes toxic chemicals and creates and promotes GMO’s in our food…  and all the other nasty chemicals and toxins in our daily products.

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toxina comic1

toxina comic2

toxina comic 3


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  1. Pixie says:

    Toxina is who I’m rooting for! Makeup is more creative and so much prettier! After all one must be shilling like a villian to be pro-GMO and toxins!

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