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  1. Shihab says:

    The Bt is dilluted and seayrpd on organic crops well prior to harvesting, and is degraded by the sun and water on the surface of the plant by the time it is harvested, and then people should wash veggies at home. Very little is left on the surface of the veggie by the time you eat it. With GMO’s the Bt genes are in every cell of the plant and cannot be reduced by sunlight or washing; it is very concentrated throughout the plant which is why the EPA regulates it as a pesticide, in addition to the FDA. In 2011 a study was done in Quebec Canada examining blood from pregnant women. According to the companies selling GMO’s the Bt is destroyed by digestion and never enters the blood stream, but this study found that 93% of the women tested had Bt circulating in their blood, and the umbilical cord blood showed that the majority of unborn children had also been exposed. Spraying a diluted form of something on the surface is far less risky, and orders of magnitude different in concentration, from engineering it into every cell of a plant. Kevin is correct that not all gene insertions are done with gene guns; there are several methods. I also have been working with plants for 40 years and believe, along with many other plant people, that tampering with species barriers is really unnecessary. Selective breeding yields great results with far fewer risks to human and environmental health. All the high tech is really more about the patenting of life and ownership of food crops, and the people doing it never ask themselves if they think it would be OK for someone to alter their genetics without their consent for the motive of profit.

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